Conditions for admission to study in a full-time 3year Bachelor’s degree study programme for the 2017/2018 academic year

The condition for admission to study is proper completion of full secondary or full secondary vocational education. Every applicant has to pass the admission procedure. The admission procedure consists of entrance examinations and the presentation of graduation certificates including validation clause concerning with the recognition of foreign education in the Czech Republic (detailed info is available via The applicants shall submit an authenticated copy of your high school diploma and a certified copy of your transcript of studies, translated into English (i.e. high school diploma with a diploma supplement) or a certificate of a successful passing of the final graduation examination. Applicants who at the time of application have not completed the study, submit a high school diploma additionally, in person no later than by the 25th September 2017. Any documents submitted later shall be disregarded. The maximum number of students admitted to a study programme is 40, the minimum number for opening a programme being 1 student. The tuition fee shall be specified by the Faculty Dean in a contract with a student in an amount in accordance with the actual issue of the CTU Statute Art. 11 and Attachment No. 7 to the CTU Statute.

Study branch Biomedical Technician – full-time study - basic knowledge and understanding of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology is assumed.

Entrance examination in English consists of a letter of motivation and proficiency in English.

Letter of motivation

Applicants interested in the Biomedical and clinical technology programme (study branch Biomedical Technician) should be aware that the motivation letter plays an important role in the admission procedure. The motivation letter gives the Admission Committee relevant clues concerning the suitability of a candidate for the programme. Candidates are advised to address at least the following points:

  • • Why do you choose for Biomedical and clinical technology as the main subject of your Bachelor's programme?
  • • Why do you apply for the Biomedical and clinical technology programme (study branch Biomedical Technician) specifically, rather than to other comparable programmes?
  • • Why do you apply for a programme that is specifically oriented towards preparation and training for a subsequent clinical practice?
  • • Why do you think that you are suited for such a programme?
  • • How will you fit in a class of students from all over the world, all with different backgrounds?
  • • What are your future plans for the time after you have got your B.Sc. degree?

Length of motivation letter: Maximum of 500 words!

Proficiency in English

The capability to communicate effectively in English, both in written and in verbal form is required. Verification of this fact will be performed by controlled interview through Skype communication based on previously announced schedule (24th April – 28th April 2017 / 15th May – 19thMay 2017).

Applications for study in a Bachelor´s full-time study programme Biomedical and clinical technology in the branch Biomedical Technician must be filled electronically on web page (select version English) and must be submitted either printed in person or through post. The last day to accept applications to study for the academic year 2017/2018 is 31st st March 2017 until 15:00 (time in the Czech Republic including DST) in case of the personal delivery to the officer of the study department of CTU FBME. In case of sending document by post the date stamps must be 31March 2017 at the lastest. Application submitted or sending later shall be disregarded. All information may be obtained at the study department of FBME CTU (nám. Sítná 3105, 272 01 Kladno, Czech Republic +420 224 358 497 e-mail:, web:

The electronic application must be printed out, signed and sent to the study department (contact above). Condition for inclusion of printed application to the admission procedure is fully completed and signed application form with proof of payment of administrative fee and doctor’s certificate. The administration fee for the admission procedure is CZK 600.00 in the case of the electronic application. The fee can be paid by postal order type A, transfer order or by a payment card online directly in the electronic application to study through the payment gateway. Bank connection: Komerční banka Praha 6, account number 27-7380010287/0100, IBAN: CZ2601000000277380010287, Swift Code: KOMBCZPP, as a variable symbol use number 77777 and as a specific symbol use application number. The administration fee is not returnable under any circumstances.

Approved by the Academic Senate of FBME CTU on 27th October 2016.

prof. MUDr. Ivan Dylevský, DrSc.
Dean of FBME CTU