New trends in disaster medicine

Department of Medicine and Humanities, nám. Sítná 3105, Kladno, 272 01

prof. MUDr. Leoš Navrátil, CSc.,, phone: +420 224 359 902, +420 736 623 666
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Protection of the population from extraordinary and emergency situations is characterized as a set of activities, procedures and measures aimed at minimizing the impacts on the lives and health of people, property and the environment. It is based on fundamental principles implemented all over the world in developed countries where protection of people is organized. An important component of population protection is civil emergency preparedness as an autonomous, non-military area of planning the protection from the impacts of extraordinary events and crisis situations. Within the Czech Republic’s safety system, civil emergency preparedness is, in particular, a process tool for predicting serious extraordinary events and crisis situations and for making preparations to cope with them. Our research activity is focused on three priority areas:

•    fast diagnostics and protection of the organism from damage by chemical, biological, radiological and radioactive substances through the development of new biodosimetric methods and technologies for field and laboratory analysis of chemical warfare agents and other toxic compounds presenting safety hazards with an emphasis on their testing and designing innovative decontamination measures. Another priority is the development of the TOXALS methodology;

•    study of pathophysiological phenomena in stress situations, adaptation of the organism to cold and heat, and possibilities of potential protection of the organism from permanent consequences, study of optimum nutrition habits in the conditions of exposure to external threats. A special emphasis is on wound healing in extreme conditions and the development of relevant technologies;

•    elaboration of critical infrastructure principles in healthcare and their application within corresponding emergency plans and methodological procedures.