Biotelemetry systems

Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering CTU and Charles University in Prague, Studničkova 7/2028 Praha 2

Ing. Pavel Smrčka, Ph.D.,, phone: +420 224 968 576, +420 224 358 425




The research team deals with scanning, transferring, on-line processing, imaging and saving of biosignals in real time. The team is currently involved in a creation of a mobile workplace for a research of the cardiovascular system and biofeedback in clinical practice investigating the optimum possibilities of a telemetric transfer of physiological signals into the measuring module. At the same time, key algorithms for an analysis of individual modes are investigated and developed. The objective is to set up a special modular system for scanning, digitization, transfer, online processing and saving of technical and physiological variables (EEG, ECG, EMG, skin resistance, temperature and respiratory curve) that is able to work in an environment with extreme interference during experiments. Another objective is the design and implementation of a complex experimental software system for interactive visualization and advanced processing of multi-dimensional biomedical data obtained from the measurements, and the performance of validation experiments on the designed modular measuring system with the aim of full integration of the developed methodology into experiments on biological objects.