Department of Biomedical Informatics


The Department of Biomedical informatics quarantees new Bachelor Study Programme in Biomedical Informatics (open in academic year 2010/2011)

Head of Department:

Assoc. prof. Ing. Zoltán Szabó, Ph.D., email:, phone: +420 224 358 487


Deputy Head of Department:

Ing. Jan Kauler, Ph.D., e-mail:, phone: +420 224 358 491


Administrative & Technical Staff:

Ing. Lucie Kulhánková, email:, phone: +420 224 358 493


Secretary of Department:

Mgr. Radim Krupička, Ph.D., email:, phone: +420 224 358 401


Associate professors:

Assoc. prof. MUDr. Pavel Kasal, CSc., email:

assoc. prof. Ing. Zoltán Szabó, Ph.D., email: szabó


Assistent Professors:

RNDr. Dagmar Brechlerová, Ph.D., e-mail:, phone: +420 224 355 048

Ing. Jan Kauler, Ph.D., email:, phone: +420 224 358 491

Mgr. Radim Krupička, Ph.D., email:, phone: +420 224 358 401

Ing. Pavel Beránek


PhD Students:

Ing. Václav Čejka, email:

Ing. Tomáš Hrůza, email:, tel.:+420 224 355 048

Ing. Vojtěch Kaláb, email:, tel.:+420 224 355 048

Ing. Ondřej Klempíř, email:, tel.:+420 224 355 048

Mgr. Martin Ladecký, email:, tel.: +420 224 358 401

Dipl. Ing. Christiane Malá, email:

Ing. Petr Šmíd, email:

MUDr. Lubomír Štěpánek, email:

Ing. Jan Tesař, email:, tel.: +420 224 355 048

Mgr. Slávka Vítečková, email:, tel.: +420 224 358 401


Phd graduates:

Ing. Michel Kana, Ph.D.

Mgr. Radim Krupička, Ph.D.

Ing. Petr Hošek, Ph.D.


External Staff:

Ing. Mgr. Jiří Barilla, CSc.

Mgr. Kateřina Hajduková

Ing. Michel Kana, Ph.D.

PhDr. ThDr. Radek Mezulánik, Ph.D.

Assoc. prof. Ing. Jan Münz, CSc.

Mgr. Marian Novotný, Ph.D.



Research Projects



Research and Scientific Areas of the Department

  • Information and database systems
  • Biomedical signal processing
  • Modeling and simulation of physiological processes
  • Image processing
  • Recognition methods and artificial intelligence
  • Coding and encryption of medical data
  • Robotic systems for medicine




AZC Algorithms for Biosignal Processing in C Language
BBLS Biological and Medical Signals
BDBS Database Systems
IAS Information Analysis of Biological Systems & Signals
BIZI Internet and Medical Informatics
MZS Biosignal Measuring & Processing in Real Time
MPT Microprocessors in Biomedicine
BMSD Modelling & Simulation of Physiological Processes
NAR Non-linear Analysis of Biological Time Series
BPSPA Programming Tools
BTPP Computer Hardware & Computer Nets
BTPR Team Project
BUSS Introduction to Systems & Signals
BZAL Fundamentals of Algoritmization Theory
BZAP Fundamentals of Programming Theory
ZOD Fundamentals of Acquisition, Digitization & Processing Medical Images