Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering CTU and Charles University in Prague

Intercollegiate Joint department of biomedical engineering CTU and Charles university was founded by declaration of partnership on creating joint research and education department.


The department is focused on providing technical and area background for interdisciplinary research and educational activities in masters and doctorate projects. It offers and realises partnetship with all parties involved in biomedical engineering (mainly universities, institutes supported by government, medical institutions and also in private sector).

Head of Department:

Ing. Karel Hána, Ph.D., email:,  tel.: 224 968 575

Deputy Head of Department:

Ing. Pavel Smrčka, Ph.D., email:,  tel.: 224 968 576 

Secretary of Department:

Ing. Jan Kašpar, email:,  tel.: 224 968 425  

Administrative & Technical Staff:

Mgr. Eva Caithamlová, email:, tel.: 224 968 574, 224 358 425, fax.: 224 910 471


Academic Staff:

Ing. Jiří Brada, email:,  tel.: 224 358 425

Mgr. Ondřej Čakrt, email:,  tel.: 224 358 425

Ing. Tomáš Funda, email:,  tel.: 224 910 471

Ing. Karel Hána, Ph.D., email:,  tel.: 224 968 575

doc. MUDr. Jaroslav Jeřábek, CSc., email:,  tel.: 224 358 425

Ing. Jan Kašpar, email:,  tel.: 224 968 425

Ing. Jan Mužík, email:,  tel.: 224 968 574

MUDr. Tomáš Nedělka, email:,  tel.: 224 358 425

Ing. Jiří Potůček, CSc., email:,  tel.: 224 358 425

Ing. Pavel Smrčka, Ph.D., email:,  tel.: 224 968 576

MUDr. Bc. Marie Tichá, email:,  tel.: 224 358 425


PhD Students:

Mgr. Vít Caithaml, email:,  tel.: 224 358 425

Ing. Radim Kliment, email:,  tel.: 224 358 425

Ing. Roman Melecký, email:,  tel.: 224 358 425

Ing. Lukáš Nestával, email:,  tel.: 224 358 425

Ing. Adam Wolf, email:,  tel.: 224 358 425


The department includes eight laboratories:

  • Laboratory of 2D and 3D visualisation of biological signals (Ing. Jan Mužík)
  • Laboratory of application for virtual reality in rehabilitation (MUDr. Bc. Marie Tichá)
  • Laboratory of autonomous nerve system (doc. MUDr. Jaroslav Jeřábek, CSc.)
  • Laboratory of biofeedback (Ing. Karel Hána, Ph.D.)
  • Laboratory of biotelemetrical systems and PersonalHealth (Ing. Pavel Smrčka, Ph.D.)
  • Laboratory of biological signals measuring (Ing. Jiří Brada)
  • Shielded chamber (Ing. Jan Kašpar)
  • Laboratory of HW research and development (Ing. Tomáš Funda)


Selected actual activities in the department:


Research Project MSM6840770012 Transdisciplinary Research in the Field of Biomedical Engineering II