Department of Natural Sciences

Head of Department:

doc. Ing. Lenka Lhotská, CSc.
E-mail:, phone : 224 354 199

Deputy Head of Department:

Ing. Martin Otáhal, Ph.D.
E-mail:, phone : 224 357 958

RNDr. Taťána Jarošíková, CSc.
E-mail:, phone : 224 355 054

Secretary of Department and Administrative Staff:

Romana Šiffnerová
E-mail:, phone : 224 359 915


prof. MUDr. Blanka Brůnová, DrSc.
prof. Ing. Miroslav Jelínek, DrSc.
prof. MUDr. Pavel Kučera, Ph.D.
prof. Ing. Miroslava Vrbová, CSc.

Associate professors:

doc. RNDr. Vlastimil Fidler, CSc., e-mail:
doc. Ing. Patrik Kutílek, M.Sc., Ph.D. e-mail:
doc. Ing. Marie Pospíšilová, CSc., e-mail:

Professional Assistents / Assistents:

Ing. Petr Brůža, Ph.D., e-mail:
RNDr. Eva Feuerstein, Ph.D., e-mail:
Ing. Tomáš Kocourek, Ph.D., e-mail:
Ing. František Krejčí, Ph.D., e-mail:
Ing. Jiří Michálek, CSc., e-mail:
Ing. Jan Mikšovský, Ph.D., email:
Dr. Vincent Mortet, Ph.D., e-mail:
Ing. Martin Otáhal, Ph.D., e-mail:
Ing. Václav Petrák, Ph.D., e-mail:
Ing. Vladimíra Petráková, Ph.D., e-mail:
Ing. Petr Písařík, Ph.D., email:
Mgr. Zdeněk Remeš, Ph.D., e-mail:
Ing. Jan Remsa, Ph.D., email:
Mgr. Jakub Král, e-mail:
Mgr. Jana Urzová, e-mail:
Mgr. Veronika Vymětalová, Ph.D., e-mail:
Mgr. Markéta Žáková, e-mail:
Bc. Přemysl Kučera, e-mail:
Richard Baštecký, optometrista:

PhD Students:

Ing. Jan Dudák, Ing. Eliška Hedbávná, Ing. Barbora Jakubcová, Ing. Hana Kalábová, Ing. Jakub Karch, Ing. Lucie Kocandová, Ing. Marie Krečmarová, Ing. Stanislav KušmírekIng. Lukáš Opálka, Ing. Tomáš Parkman, Ing. Šárka Salačová, Ing. Tomáš Steinberger, Ing. Milan Tatíček, Ing. Luboš Tomšovský, Mgr. Jana Urzová, Ing. Anna Vodičková, Ing. Jakub Zajíc, Mgr. Markéta Žáková


External Staff:

prof. Dr. Ing. Dr.h.c.  Vladimír Blažek
prof. Ing. Jan E. Dyr, DrSc.
prof. Ing. Helena Jelínková, DrSc.
prof. Ing. Jan Vrba, CSc.
doc. Ing. Jan Hošek, Ph.D.
doc. MUDr. Ján Lešták, CSc. MBA
doc. Ing. Jiří Novák, Ph.D.
doc. Ing. Ladislav Pína, DrSc.
doc. Dr. Ing. Milan Šiňor
doc. MVDr. Luděk Vajner, CSc.
MUDr. Jiří Cendelín, CSc.
Ing. Jan Jakůbek, Ph.D.
Ing. Rudolf Klepáček, Ph.D.
RNDr. Martin Michl, Ph.D.
MUDr. Jiří Uhlík, Ph.D.
Ing. Zdeňka Ečerová
Mgr. Jakub Hlaváček
Ing. Jan Aubrecht, Ph.D.
Mgr. Dita Kášová
PaedDr. Terezie Kochová
Mgr. Lada Kulhavá
Mgr. Petra Srovnalová
Olga Buriánková


The Department of Natural Sciences provides the following courses:

  • Bachelor Programme: Biophotonics, Biomechanics, Cellular and molecular biology, Physics 1, Physics 2, Laser technology, Mechanics, Matrix algebra and differential calculus, Probability and mathematical statistics.
  • Master Programme: Application of electromagnetic field in medicine, Application of lasers in biomedicine, Biophotonics, Cytology and cytogenetics, Laser technology, Materials and waste disposal in medical institutions, Optics for biology and medicine, Solid state physics for biomedicine, Presentation of results in English, X-ray radiation, Simulation methods in biomedical engineering, Vacuum technology and work with gases, Thin layers in medicine and laser technology, Advanced mathematics, Basics of molecular biology, Work with information sources and methodology of research activity.
  • University-wide courses: Thin layers in medicine and laser deposition, Biophotonics, Practical exercises in biology.

In the first phase the Department of Natural Science Branches (DNSB) performs for the studies at the Czech Technical University Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (CTU FBME) the education of the introductory subjects in the bachelor study programme: mathematics, physics, probability and mathematical statistics, mechanics, biomechanics, biomaterials and biocompatibility. It presents itself by offering the duly elective subjects: cellular and molecular biology, thin layers in medicine, biophotonics; or elective subjects: optics for biology and medicine, cytology and cytogenetics.

In the second phase of the studies—master studies—the DNSB workers are the guarantors of series of bearing subjects: basics of molecular biology, basics of molecular and atomic physics, biophysics, selected sections of mathematics, organic chemistry, solid states for biomedicine, biophotonics. The offered duly elective subjects widely assert themselves: thin layers in medicine and laser technology, optics for biology and medicine, laser technology, cytology and cytogenetics, vacuum technology and work with gases, simulation methods in biomedical engineering, materials and treatment with wastes in hospital facilities, biophotonics, X-ray radiation, laser technology, cellular and molecular biology.

The problems of photonics occupy the absolutely fundamental place in the DNSB activities. This discipline trenches on the series of medical branches—partly the diagnostic facilities and further the immediate technology for medical help assert themselves.

The Biophotonics Laboratory is the dominant part of the DNSB work places which has got whole university reach: it is intended not only for the FBME students but also for work of students from another CTU faculties. The laboratory is invested with the most modern device technology: e.g. the BX 51 microscopic system from the Olympus company with the CAMEDIA digital micro-photographic system, the MC 2003 3-channel spectroscope from the Ocean Optics Inc. and different technologies for measurements of the materials’ and tissues’ optical properties.

That is why there is possible to complexly study the optical and morphological properties of thin layers, properties of materials which are suitable for biocompatible coverage of vascular substitutes, dental implants, artificial cardiac valves etc. in the Biophotonics Laboratory.

Newly the Biophysics Laboratory is being built up, where the hands-on experimental education with a view to biomedical applications will be focused in.

The DNSB scientific background is being focused in Prague 2 at Albertov, where the research activities on the field of laser applications with a view to technologies, thin layers for biomaterials and studies of an interaction of the excimer laser radiation and a tissue will be realised. The best students in the scope of master and post-gradual studies will be educated at this work place, which co-operates with the Charles University 1st Medical Faculty (CU 1st MF) and the CTU Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (CTU FNSPE).

The DNSB co-operates with series of top scientific institutions both in the Czech republic (CU 1st MF, CTU FNSPE, Masaryk University in Brno, etc.) and abroad (Kassel University, Marseille University, NICTL Bucharest and so on).