How to find us


Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
Sítná sq. 3105
272 01 Kladno 2
phone: (+420) 312 608 223, (+420) 224 358 419
fax: (+420) 312 608 204

Phone and other contacts to Faculty staff The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague also uses abbreviations „CTU-FBME“ and/or „FBME“, as well as the abbreviated name „CTU Faculty of Biomedical Engeneering“.

How to get to Kladno

The intercity bus stop to Kladno is located on Evropská Street on Nadrazi Veleslavin subway station and tram stop. Buses run from 7 am to 9 am approximately every 5–10 minutes, later every 15 minutes. Travelling to Kladno takes about 30 minutes. You should get off the bus at Sítná and cross the street. You will see a high building with a rugged roof in a foreground—this is the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (bus connection Praha – Kladno)


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Transport options between Kladno and Prague

All buses or trains can be easily found here. Page is available in Czech, English and German.

Campus KOKOS nám Sítná 3105 Kladno

Our main campus (called KOKOS) is located on Sítna sq. 3105, Kladno

Main campus Sitna

Campus KASARNA Sportovců 2311, Kladno

Our second campus (called KASARNA) is located on Sportovcu street 2311, Kladno

New campus

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