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The basic information about the faculty library FMBE CTU in Prague

The faculty library is very young library because of establishing of the Institute medical and biological engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague in 2002 and than its transformation into University in may 2005. The library consists of about 3 500 books, several magazines and also about 100 electronic medias and VHS cassettes with education programs. The fund of library is still built and focused in area of medical and biological engineering. It is understandable that the library has books from other areas of science too such as medicine, biology, biochemistry, biophysics, technology in clinical laboratories, select technical applications but also psychology, economics, mathematics, physics and electrotechnics because the Faculty of medical and biological engineering has close relation to other science disciplines. The library also offers possibility to use special electronic information sources which are detail described on the bottom of this www page.

The library is focused also on English writing books and it especially from area of medical and biological engineering. For example the most important are:

Our library is proud for very valuable collection of books. Those books are marked with bold letters. Those books are signed by authors with personal dedication to our faculty during international conference EMBEC 05 in November of the year 2005 in Prague. We are proud of it because it is not usual to meet face to face with legends of medical and biological engineering, such as certainly Prof. John G. Webster, Prof. Jaakko Malmivuo and also Prof. Akay.

The library board

It is advisory body of the faculty dean established according to library rules FMBE CTU
for support of library operation. The library board consists of:

Assoc. prof. Ing. Jiří Hozman, Ph.D. — chairman (is responsible for electrotechnics, medical
and biological engineering, BOZP)

Stanislava Bořilová – head of faculty library

Mgr. Veronika Vymětalová — member (is responsible for biology, ecology, pedagogy)

prof. Ing. Karel Roubík, Ph.D. — member (is responsible for chemistry, physics chemistry, English, Czech and connected disciplines of medical and biological engineering)


Everybody can ask each member of library board for advice or can bring ideas for library improvement and can ask for order other books.

Library projects:

Build up basic books fund for medical and biological engineering in CTU (IGS CTU 2003, the responsible person Ing. Jiří Hozman, Ph.D., 235000,- Czech crown, NEI 82250,- Czech crown)

To ensure of library information services on IMBE (RTP MŠMT ČR 2005, the responsible person Ing. Jiří Hozman, Ph.D., 317000,- Czech crown included 195000,- INV)

To asses of information sources on CTU in area of medical and biological engineering (FRVŠ 2006, the responsible person Ing. Jiří Hozman, Ph.D., 376000,- Czech crown included 30000,- Czech crown — contribution of workplace).


Since 2. 10. 2006 are students oblige to pay request of payment for unreturning books according to the library rules of the library of FMBE CTU.

The user is advised about end of returning period in 5 days by e-mail. The students found warning and request of payment in their school e-mail.

Students have opportunity of the PROLONGATION and the RESERVATION

ESS (Electronic Document Delivery) — ENTRANCE

Entrance in EIS (Electronic information sources) in CTU