Bachelor thesis

More Information about dates and details to Bachelor thesis for 2017/18


Main principles and guidelines for the preparation of the thesis for students:
2. Title page of the thesis, i.e. inside in the paper where can be used the same margins (2,5 cm) 
3. The whole thesis could be created as nondisassembled structure
4. Abstract and key words
5. Acknowledgements (only as option)
6. Table of Contents or Contents + list of appendicies, list of figures, list of tables
7. List of Abbreviations
8. Thesis ...all contents (be carefull - within the introduction or within the alone chapter there is required to include aims of the thesis, there are required chapters
as results, discussion and conclusion as well)
9. The thesis range is determined at least 40 pages (number of pages from the content of the thesis to the list of attachments, the attachments are not counted)
10. Appendix (option), in case, when student have a lot of appendicies, student have to use DVD as enclosed on the inner side of the cover