Modern Physical Methods in Biomedical Engineering

The mentioned study specialization aims to focus the student profile in the field of modern physical methods used in biomedical engineering. Emphasis is placed on understanding the physical principles based on knowledge of many parts of mathematics and theoretical physics in particular. Very important for a comprehensive understanding of the above physical methods are mainly knowledge from the biology and biochemistry. In terms of representation of individual disciplines are the following categories: applications of optoelectronics in medicine, biophotonics, characterization methods (especially relates to biomaterials, surfaces, etc.), spectroscopy, laser technology, nanotechnology, the detection of ionizing radiation by detectors, and fiber optics, not least in field of medicine. Lectures are supplemented by laboratory exercises or demo exercises in laboratories FBME in Kladno and Prague with support of real scientific instruments used for time-consuming challenging experiments. Selected experiments are performed in the laboratories of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Focus includes a section dedicated to student work on the project, which is part of the thesis and the study of languages, especially Czech. After completing the courses within the study specialization student will be able to focus fully and independently work on a thesis topic in the laboratories of faculty or other external cooperating workplaces.

Courses offered for this description: