Erasmus + programme conditions and documents

ERASMUS+ programme conditions and documents:

Applications for student mobility in academic year 2017/2018 have been completed.
New applications will be open in the autumn of 2017 for the academic year 2018/2019.
Info will be published on the website news for students.


1. Application + the selection procedure

The International office at the Rectorate, CTU in Prague opens up for all those interested in participating in the Erasmus programme + in the academic year 2017/2018 applications for study mobility.

Applications to the program in the academic year 2017/18 were open from 7.11. till 5.12.2016 .

Students apply throught the online application (only in Czech language) and sign up also for language test (English and German). If you student plan to study in other languages they must submit language confirmation till January 18, 2017 to Mrs. Kulhánková (International Office of FBME, 5th floor, room No. B506).

FBME CTU rules for assignment of places in ERASMUS+ program for students here.  

List of agreements with partners schools here (appropriate study branch listed for each agreement - full text in Czech). List of agreements in English available also here.

International students in Bachelor degree level choose  the study branch AJBMT (Biomedical Technician) and International students in Master degree level choose study branch AJBME (Biomedical Engineering) or AJPMB (Instruments and Methods for Biomedicine).

After successful completion of the test from English or German will be organized oral interview with English lectures. After oral enterview will be set level of language (CEFRL).

What to do if you are nominated for study abroad?

2. Documents before you leave:

  • Comparative sheet - must be approved by the guarantor of  the study branch and then submitted at the International office to Mrs. Kulhánková (room B506)
  • Learning agreement
  • Transcript of records (issued by the Study department of FBME)
  • Application form (from website of the partner university) or if application from online application is not printable then the student will use CTU form
  • Confirmation of study period - student fill in and ask for confirmation at the partner university before departure
  • Transcript of records from partner university (after arrival)
  • Recognition sheet after arrival

3. Completion of your personal data in the application

After succesfull submission of the required documents, the partner school (according to their requirements) and International office of FBME will send you an e-mail message concerning completion of the information in your application at (all necessary information).


4. Contact with your partner school

After receiving your application to study the host university you should contact you to give you the most current information and brought with you to different business issues (changes to the curriculum, accommodation, getting there etc.). After their decision you should get the official confirmation of acceptance for studies (Letter of Acceptance), which they should sends you with the completed study plan.

After that you should begin to handle the other formalities-health insurance, finance etc.

5 . Accommodation + Orientation week

Submit an accommodation form in a time according to the instructions of the host university which you can find on their website or will be sent together with the admission letter. In some universities it is necessary to book accommodation well in advance. Some universities (Spain, Italy) do not have rails or accommodation provided by the University is too expensive, so the students provide accommodation themselves.

Many universities organized The orientation Week for their arriving students before the start of the semester. The orientation week usually takes a week and is specialized to the necessary formalities, registration, getting acquainted with the University, getting to know other exchange students. We encourage you to attend this event.


6. Health Insurance

Leaving student under Erasmus+ programme shall ensure medical insurance (insurance for all medical costs recommended) valid for the target country before leaving for abroad .


7. Financial contract

Scholarship to study at a foreign University, you will be granted only on the basis of a properly concluded contract parties.

The amount of the scholarships for the academic year 2016/2017 is set by the National Agency for Erasmus + and it is the same for all schools in the Czech Republic,  there are specific grant given which vary according to the country of residence. Countries of residence are divided into three groups with the following amounts: 300 EURO/month, 400 EURO/month, 500 EURO/month.

Before signing the study contract:

1) read the Financial Contract (only in Czech language) properly
2) to sign the contract, you must appear in person. We recommend that you make an appointment, preferably by phone,  1-2 weeks before the scheduled time of departure. There are many students leaving the CTU each semester so please taje this into consideration while planning your appointment. For the signing of the contract, you must have  all the information filled in correctly at

3) pass a mandatory language test  - language of your studies (you will be informed by email)
4) and you must provide the following materials:

  • Letter of acceptance from the partner University (Letter of Acceptance) or any other document stating the length of study stay at the partner school.
  • Learning Agreement endorsed by the sending and receiving University, an official  form of the European Commission for Erasmus + (copy)
  • Acknowledgement of health insurance for the period of study (copy)
  • Confirmation of studeis and confirmation about your successfull enrolment to the semester. Students leaving for the summer semester must prove that they have fulfilled all the requirements of their winter semester and are enrolled to the summer semester before signing the contract.
  • Application for scholarship abroad (only in Czech language) with details of your bank account to which you want the money to be sent. If you are not the owner of this account, you must attach the consent of the account holder.
  • signed affidavit (only in Czech language)
The length of stay indicated in the subscription contract, you can include only the period of the study, i.e. stay. as the beginning of the stay shall be the day of commencement of teaching at a partner school. A stay should be terminated on the date of the last examination. Because this information is not on the day of signature of the contract parties unknown, may be the contract drawn up for the period up to the end of the ordinary exam period (i.e. not count also the period for the correction terms).

Students who will be at the partner school work under the guidance of foreign instructors at your Bachelor/Master thesis/dissertation must of course be on the period when they trainer will be able to pay in advance (by the deadline of signing the participation agreement) agreed and for the period of study will be considered to be agreed this year.

The purposes of the contract for the CTU Vice-Rector for international relations, signing and after its signing you can take one original.

The allocated funds on the bank account denominated in your name. In exceptional cases, you can send money on the account of another owner, if possible, of a family member.


8. At the foreign university

1) Check-in

All students must check-in on the Migration Police of the country. The Department of foreign relations of CTU will prepare on the day of signature of the subscription to all of our students participating in the Erasmus+ programme and confirmation of the grant award.

2) Enrolment to study

Receiving institution will inform you about term of registration and all other entry formalitie.

3) Confirmation of the Erasmus+ study period (registration)

Ask immediately upon your arrival at receiving institution for the confirmation of the beginning of your stay. Your date of arrival and enrolment must agree with the date of the beginning of the stay referred in your financial contract.

4) The communication with the Department for foreign relations at CTU

Upon arrival abroad sent on email (, contacts to you in a foreign country (e-mail, home address, contact phone, fax, etc.). This allows us to inform you about any changes in the financing and about any other important matters.

5) Changes to the Learning Agreement

If you will expect any changes in the study after Your arrival at the foreign university, compared to the originally approved Learning Agreement preparation, you must make these changes as soon as possible by filling in the Changes to the Learning Agreement. Form should be signed by both institutions. Changes msut be first consult with your faculty and guarantor of your stuy branch and sent filled form to the International office of FBME to Mrs. Kulhankova. For each changes in the new LA is necessary to updated comparative sheet as well.


6) Confirmation of the Erasmus+ study period 

One more form must be fill in before end of  your stay abroad Confirmation of your completed Eraasmus+ study period. Ask International office or Study department of the partner University for signature. This confirmation must be submitt at Department of foreign relations of CTU no later than 10 days after the end of the stay provided in the Financial contract. It is possible to sent scan first and then deliver the original after your arrival.

Study period must agree with the period mentioned in your Financial contract. If your stay will be shorter, you will have to pay money back in the amount number of missing (undocumented) days.

9. After your return

After your arrival back you have to submitt:

If you will not be able to obtain at the foreign University a Transcript of Records within 14 days after the end of your stay, you must immediately inform Department of foreign relations of CTU.

In the case of the work on the Bachelor or Master thesis you need also the original confirmation from a foreign supervisor on letterhead document that you worked there on your Bachelor or Master thesis under the supervision during the period from ... to ...exactly in accordance with your Financial contract. You have to submitt this confirmation not later than 10 days after the end of your stay.

From the academic year 2013/14 students must fill out a report on the website of the European Commission in English. Instructions for completing the report (login name and password) will receive each of the participants in a study abroad in the day official end stay on your email address. The report must be completed and submited by student himself.

Reports on the web page of Natiaonal agency of Erasmus programme