After arrival

Next day after registration at the faculty you can activate your user account, email, student card and login to the student information system.
1. User account:
To activate your user account, please go to:

2. Email: All students are required to use faculty email!!!

To activate your email account, please go to and use login and password from the activation of the "Application First password".

On the website you can set up faculty email and forwarding or redirection to your personal email.

Login   Roundcube email - login


 Language versions You can change the language at the top in "Nastaveni" than go to "Uzivatelske rozhrani" and than to "Jazyk". There it is possible to choose many languages.


 Roundcube email  

Sent email to or redirect email to  Use filters - send copy email to or redirect email to


3. Changing of the password

This method can be used when users know their username and CTU password

  • Login to . Login button is in the upper right corner
  • After successful login click on your name (upper right corner)
    Page with your details will upload
  • Go to Settings and then User password settings (CTU password) and you can change your password

4. Internet - Eduroam Wireless Network

Instructions how to connect to free wireless internet network Eduroamhere (login needed - page available only in  the Czech language)

5. Student information system (KOS)

During the semester, the time will come when you will need to register for your exams. At that time you will need to sign up at the so-called KOS system, which is the university’s system for registering for courses, exams and recording your study results.

Go to to sign up on


6. CTU Student Identity Cards

Identity Card Publishing House (ICPH)
  • office hours
    Mo - Thu:  8:30 - 15:30
    Fr:            8:30 - 15:00
  • address
    Vydavatelství průkazů ČVUT
    Bechyňova 3, Praha 6

CTU student Identity Cards

Electronic reservation

Accommodation - basic information