The rooms and the classrooms

The meaning of prefixes:


KL:XXX - room is located in Kladno
AL:XXX - room is located in Albertov in Prague - Studničkova 7/2028 Praha 2.
Other rooms without designation of KL: or AL are located in a various places in Prague


Dislocation of the classrooms Kladno - MAP


KOKOS Campus - Nám. Sítná 3105, Kladno

KL:AX up to AXXXAXX (A7 up to A16ab) Laboratories are located on the ground floor + AXXXof the laboratory tract (1st floor - A104 up to A121)t. Entrance to the laboratory tract (classrooms labelled "A") from Josef Čapek Street - map

KL:As, AsXXX, Cs, CsXXX - room and laboratory is located in the basement of the high-rise building

KL:CX room is located on the ground floor. KL:C-1 - big lecture hall, KL:C-2 - small class room, KL:C-4 - small lecture hall

KASARNA Campus - ul. Sportovců 2311, Kladno

KL:K-XXX the building of the former barracks called "KASARNA" is located in Kladno (new campus) approx. 15 minutes walk from the faculty. Address: Sportovců 2311, Kladno, 272 01 map

Other Kladno classrooms

KL:BX, BXX a BXXX room and laboratory is located at address Floriánské náměstí (Sq.) 103 - map, Dislocation of classrooms

KL:D-701 room is located at address ul. Sportovců 2457 (Dental Clinic), next to the "Kasarna" building - map

KL:GDM-19 a KL:GDM-20 laboratory is located at address ul. 5. května 1870 (GDM) - map

Transport description between Kladno and Prague (Praha, Nadrazi Veleslavin)

How to get to (from Sitna sq to campus KASARNA)

How to get to (from bus station Kladno - Nemocnice to campus KASARNA)

How to get to (from bus station Kladno Gymnazium to campus KASARNA)

New campus New campus called "Kasarna" - Sportovců 2311, Kladno

New campus New campus "Kasarna" 

Main campus Sitna Main campus Sitna square

Sítná square and campusSítná square and campus