Rehabilitation process quantification

Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering CTU and Charles University in Prague, Studničkova 7/2028 Praha 2

Ing. Pavel Smrčka, Ph.D.,, phone: +420 224 968 576, +420 224 358 425

The research group is engaged in monitoring and quantification of the rehabilitation care process provided to patients with focal brain damage using (3D) virtual reality for the rehabilitation of patients with balance disorders. The objective of all rehabilitation procedures is to improve the patients’ functional abilities. To this end, numerous rehabilitation procedures are used working with the patient in the rehabilitation workplace environment, or the patient rehabilitates in the home environment which is relatively constant. Rehabilitation, in particular during the early phases, represents a rather high load for an ill person that may significantly affect the functioning of the cardiovascular apparatus; having exceeded a certain load tolerance limit the load may slow down the rehabilitation process or even make the patient’s condition worse. The group is now working on monitoring of the rehabilitating patient’s locomotion activities and the reactions of the cardiovascular apparatus, on using virtual reality for rehabilitation of patients with balance disorders and on monitoring the rehabilitation development of motility disorders – objectivization of the range of motion.