General information to the list of courses:

All courses are in the scope 2+0 / 5 ECTS.Further self-study is expected with all the courses (at least in the scope of 0+2).
All courses are finished with an examination.

Obligatory branch course Advances in Biomedical Engineering is compulsory for all students both in the full-time and combined forms of the doctoral degree studies. This course will be held in the winter semester of the 2017/2018 academic year. The course will have a contact form tuition in the FBME premises in Kladno.

All other (optional) courses will have a contact form tuition, if at least 5 students register ; otherwise they will have a form of controlled self-study (this rule may differ for some courses held at external institutions).

Beside the courses from the following list, students may register any course of doctoral degree studies at the following faculties:

  • all CTU faculties
  • Charles University: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Medical Faculties
  • Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology
  • Technical University of Liberec, Fakulty of Textile Engineering

This option is valid only if the tutor recommends the course, and there is no similar course in the offer of FBME.

Courses passed by students during their bachelor/master degree studies are not accepted. Moreover, these students shall register other courses during their doctoral studies


Advances in biomedical engineering
Department: 17110 – Department of biomedical technology
Guarantee: prof. Ing. Peter Kneppo, DrSc.


A complete list and further details can be found in following place — Doctoral courses