TÚ B1.2

TÚ B1.2 Modeling of cardiovascular system control (prof. Jiří Holčík, PhD)

Research in methodological, mathematical and technical tools for investigation of cardiovascular system activity and control at rest and under various kinds of load. The cardiovascular system and its neural and endocrine control will be based on a model representation using a structural feedback. The proposed research goals are:

  • development of methods for investigation of cardiovascular system by means of linear and nonlinear feedback model of its neural and endocrine control;
  • design of modular HW tools for measuring relevant information about cardiovascular system performance and control;
  • development of the SW tools for computerized determination of the measured signal parameters;

application of the developed tools and procedures for investigation of the cardiovascular system control in anesthesia or under overweighting of pilots during flight, for investigation of drug impact (dobutamine, catecholamine, sedatives, …) to the cardiovascular system performance and/or for studying influence of cardiovascular surgery (e.g. arteriovenous fistula) to the hemodynamics.

Selected outputs of the project during the year 2005 and 2006:

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