TÚ B1.4

Models of sound localization and mechanoreception (doc. MUDr. RNDr. Petr Maršálek, Ph.D.)

1. Model of sound localization

The goal of this work is software and hardware implementation of sound localization model and improvement of mathematical background of the model. We are working on implementation tasks like model testing in Matlab, portingof procedures to C/C++/C#, hardware simulation of sound localization using microphones and sound card, psychophysiological experiment planning and development of simulation programs.

2. Models of mechanoreception

We are studying connections between mechanical part of model (model for wing movement) and neural part of model (mechanoreception model and action potential conversion by neuronal circuits leading to muscles). We are finalizing computational model of feedback circuit for fly control of Drosophila.

Selected outputs of the project during the year 2005 and 2006:

  • Marsalek P. — Kofranek J. Spike encoding mechanisms in sound localization pathway. Biosystems, 2005, vol. 79, no. 1–3, s. 191–198.

  • Marsalek P. — Lansky P. Proposed mechanisms for coincidence detection in the auditory brainstem. Biol. Cybern., 2005, vol. 92, no.6, s. 445–51.

  • Marsalek P. — Stroffek J., Pattern Storage in a Sparsely Coded Neural Network with Cyclic Activation, Biosystems, 2006, 10 s., article in press.

  • Maršálek P. — Štroffek J., Kódovanie v neuronálnych obvodoch dráhy priestorového počutia u človeka, In: Kognice a umělý život 6, sestavili J. Kelemen a V. Kvasnička, Sleszká univerzita, Opava, s. 283–288, 2006.