TÚ B3.5

TÚ B3.5 Evaluation of immediate eye, head and body position and relating parameters in neurology (Ing. Jiří Hozman, Ph.D.)

The main aims of the research activities will comprise capturing and analysis of ocular torsion and pupilometry within the existing 2D videooculografy system. For this purpose the 2D videooculography system has to be completed with the equipment for the controlled stimulation and SW for the pupil width evaluation.

  • processing of methodology concerning with the quantitative analysis of eye movements based on the evaluation of the eye movements videosequencies,
  • analysis should be give movement recordings in three plains of eye moveability, it means horizontal, vertical and torse plain,
  • accurate capturing of the eye movements abnormalities,
  • support of the pupilometry evaluation within the contemporary 2D videooculography system (cooperation and synchronization via functional keys on the PC keyboard)

The main aim is to fully replace contemporary system for the evaluation of the vestibular apparat disorders, called craniocorpography system (CCG system) by the new system. The new system for CCG should be mobile and should be replace static analogue camera Polaroid. There is supposed utilization of digital videocamera and development of CCG evaluation SW based on the contemporary methodology concerning with the evaluation of the CCG recordings onto photographs. There it will be useful exactly to limit border of the patients movement and then to mark this border within the image recording.

  • application of the contemporary methodology for equipments that will be automatically evaluate digital image off-line, including a full replacement of analoque POLAROID by digital videocamera,
  • application of the methodology concerning with the evaluation of the patients spatial memory

Project goal is to develop HW and SW for accurate measurement of head position-difference determination between anatomical coordinate system and physical coordinate system. Accurate measurement of the head position will be a big contribution to objectification and quantification of disorders typical for central nervous system. For example: Disorders of the vestibular system, ophthalmogyric nerves paresis, movement disorders from the group of dystonias, blockages of cervical spine. The measurement technique of head position is not available for this time. The solution of the problem must fulfils these conditions: non-invasive measurement, fast execution including postanalysis and accuracy of measurement 1–2 degrees.

  • accurate measuring of natural head position in 3D space coordinates, it means to determine difference between the anatomical coordinate system and phycical coordinate system, in detail it is possible to express as a deviation from anatomical horizontal, vertical and transverse plain from physical planes in grades,
  • design and development of a new mechanical device for the above-mentioned purpose

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