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Biomedical and Clinical Technology – full-time three-year bachelor degree study program in English - study branch Biomedical Technician for self-funding students


Studying is only possible in full-time form. The standard length of study is three years. After graduation, the student gets a bachelor degree (Bc.).

Study plan for students who started their studies in the academic year 2018/2019, 2019/2020

Application to study in the bachelor full-time study programme Biomedical and clinical technology in the branch Biomedical Technician are accepted by 1st April 2019.

Conditions for admission to study in a full-time three-year bachelor degree study programme "Biomedical and Clinical Technology" in English for the 2019/2020 academic year

The field of study of the Biomedical and Clinical Technology equips especially practically intent graduates but in regard of the acquirement necessary theoretical base also equips future students of master branches on the CTU and also on other universities. The student acquires not only the theoretical knowledge from mathematics, physics and chemistry but also the elementary knowledge from biology, anatomy and human physiology, which are necessary not only for understanding of the elementary biological process in the human organism but also for the communication with practitioners and the other medical staff.

The study branch is accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and after completion of studies the graduates obtain the certificate of professional qualification to practice the profession of biomedical technician pursuant to sec. 20 of Act N. 96/2004 Coll..

The student is taking up with the scientific issue, which is specialized in the assumption of the principles of activities and the principles of resource, the medical techniques utilization and the medical information science including abilities of the programme communication of the such resources. The student acquires the information also from the sphere of legislative. The students will know how to suitably apply this information in routine. They will get the knowledge from economy and management in the all mentioned spheres. The emphasis will be insisted on the language training in the elementary situations. The biomedical or clinical engineer has to be acquainted with it in the daily life.
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Specification of output knowledge and skills (general, expert, special) and posibilities of master study

Knowledge and skills of graduate students will be after general foundations focused mainly on preparation and enforcement in praxis, i.e. in medical workplaces, in production, service and business companies. The general foundation will also allow further studying in joint two-year master study branch within FBI CTU.

An alumnus will receive goon knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, anatomy and physiology of a human. He/she will familiarize with contemporary and modern tool of medical technique and with their maintenance. Further, the alumnus will be able to apply international norms and standards in the area of medical technique.

Qualification readiness and measure of professional adaptability for conditions and requirements of praxis

A graduate student will be ready for practical work related to research, manufacturing, operation and maintenance of medical technique mainly within medical institution. With respect to broad study fundamentals he/she will be able to apply in all arareas of utilizing of medical technique.

The graduates can work in medical establishments with medical instrumentation technology; they are also able to assist during examination of a patient by the medical imaging techniques as well as during other examinations which demand working with technology. The graduates can be employed not only as technical staff of medical establishments but also as technicians and managers of production, development and service medical companies.

Study organization framework

The study is suggested for thee years, finalized by elaborating of bachelor thesis, defendin the thesis and passing bachelor final state examination. It is a university education which is a part of so called structured undergraduate study (after the Bologna declaration).

Final State Examination

Topics for Final State Examination for bachelor study branch Biomedical Technology for srtudy program Biomedical and Clinical Technology are are constituted as a minimum theoretical and practical knowledge for sucessfull realisation of graduates in praxis. The topics and individual items are derived from subjects of the study branch. A studen selects three topics from a goiven list of topics. It is strongly recomended to consult the selection of topics with his/her tutor for batchelor thesis. The topics should correspond with the oorientation of the batchelor thesis. During the Final state examination two question from each topis will be asked. Questions can be related to the thema of the batchelor thesis as well. The questions are asked by the Final state examination comitee. The head of the comitee can deternmine other person to ask question. The student answers immediately, withou any written preparation.

The main topics are

  • Signals and Systems
  • Biomedical Signals Genesis and Sensing
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Imaging Systems
  • Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Technology
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Health-care Technology Management